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Holbrook to run for Chattooga County Sole Commissioner

Jimmy Holbrook has qualified as a Democrat in the Chattooga County Commissioner race.

Jimmy Holbrook has qualified as a Democrat in the Chattooga County Commissioner race.

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“I am announcing today that I am running for Chattooga County Commissioner. I had no plans to run for county commissioner again.  However, I do believe that Chattooga County voters need a choice in November so I will stand for the job and ask my fellow Chattooga County residents to consider supporting positive change.  
I have friends that are Democrats and friends that are Republicans and friends that are tired of the partisan bickering who have encouraged me to run this year.

My platform this year is simple: a change of direction and a change in vision for the county.  I am not running to be the Commissioner of Chattooga County to advance the views of a political party.  I am running to be the commissioner that rights the course from increased taxes and out of control spending to financial stability.  I am running to be the commissioner with an open door that holds public meetings and publishes regular updates on the county’s financial health. I am running to be the commissioner that allows the voters of this county to decide if they want to continue with the sole commissioner form of government.  I am running to be the commissioner that wants public discourse and public comments on how our county is operating and our future.  

I truly believe that if we approach the problems facing our county together – without regard to partisan politics that have absolutely no bearing on the job at hand – we can change the course of spending, borrowing and increasing taxes.  Right now, we cannot plan for the future because our county is forced to borrow millions of dollars each year to remain solvent.  While we need to have a plan and a vision for the future, I am proposing four years of getting things in order so that together, we can develop a long range plan for our county.  

I pledge to get the county’s finances to a place where we are not borrowing large sums of money each year to pay bills from previous years.  I pledge to protect the property owners of this county and to find ways fund county operations without further burdening the county’s property owners. I also pledge to have public meetings where the public has a voice in their county government and I pledge to allow the voters of this county the opportunity to vote on if they want to keep the sole commissioner form of government or move to a board of commissioners. I pledge that every current county employee that can see a new vision for the county and can work with me to right the financial course of this county will have a position when I take office in 2021.  

This race is not about partisan politics.   It is not about political parties.  It is not about state or national political issues. It is about applying conservative financial practices for the future of this county.

You will not hear me bashing another candidate or talking about sensational personal issues in this race.  This race will be about a positive future for our county.

As I work my job and at the same time find time to campaign over the next several months, I will talk with anyone that is willing to talk to me. Even if you don’t support me, I ask for your ideas, your conversation and your prayers. If you do want to see a change, I want you to tell your family, your friends, your co-workers and fellow church members and neighbors to vote for change in November.  Then, I want you to get out and vote in November; and most of all – let’s keep this county in our prayers.

We are all in this together and together we can see a change in direction and a change in vision for our county.  I am asking for your vote in November so that together, we can make Chattooga County the best that it can be.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mary Rhodes

    March 6, 2020 at 6:26 pm

    If I lived in Chattooga county you would surely get my vote I own property there and the taxes are eating me alive, If I lived there you would surely get my vote .

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