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Weekly Georgia Gas Price Update 05/04/2021

“While April saw minimal fluctuation, May is likely to see much larger increases alongside demand spikes”

After seeing increases for months, prices at the pump didn’t see much change throughout April in Georgia. The first week of April saw a 12 cent increase over a month before, then seemed to level out and remain stable. As of today, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gas in Georgia is $2.705, about 1 cent more than a week ago and 1 cent less than a month ago. The average nationally is $2.913 today, a 4 cent increase from a month ago. Luckily, Georgians have seen almost no change recently, compared to ten U.S. states who have seen averages increase between 5 and 8 cents.

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According to AAA, stable crude oil prices amid fluctuating demand helped keep the national average price jumps nominal last month. AAA’s spokesperson, Jeanette McGee, said on Monday “While April saw minimal fluctuation, May is likely to see much larger increases alongside demand spikes, especially closer to Memorial Day weekend. Compared to May 2019, U.S. gasoline demand is down only 4% and gas prices are on average just two cents more.” McGee also talked about the summer fuel supply, “With road trips expected to be popular this summer, some summer travel destinations, like beaches or mountains, may see some pumps affected. It is important to understand this is not a market-wide impact. Gas can be found at other stations within a market. The U.S. is not looking at a gas supply shortage; there is ample gasoline supply across the country. It is just a matter of more frequent deliveries to stations to meet demand.”

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Source: AAA

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